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Thinking of a bisexual/lesbian massage?

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Are you bi-curious or simply want to try something new...

lesbian bisexual sensual massage cape town
lesbian massage

Please note upfront that none of our goddesses are lesbian - but most of them are bi-sexual.

We've had many requests from women looking to try a Yoni lesbian massage in Cape Town. Below we have some information to help overcome any doubts or fears when considering a female erotic massage.

1. So what is it?

The earliest record of lesbian sensual massage seems to date back to the 5th Century AD. Best described as a ritual by which you liberate or separate the two parts of consciousness and the female divine body. Nowadays we've seen it often referred to as a Yoni massage. We say it is a massage that stimulates total uninhibited release of the body and mind between a female goddess, and her female client.

Let’s just be clear here.. this is an erotic massage given to one female, by another female. With the emphasis being on the physical, mental and spiritual connection between the two women. Who knows a woman's wants and needs better than another woman. “..a session of feminine discovery and erotic pleasure.."

2. Is this only for lesbian women? Or...

We get asked this often by many potential lesbian massage first-timers. We live in a world with diverse sexual preference, so it’s completely normal to change sexual preference, or at least try something new to see if it works for you. Many women who have female erotic massages are not lesbian or don't even consider themselves bisexual at all. Women tend to be more sexually adventurous with their own gender than most men are.

No matter what your sexual orientation is, a female erotic massage is something many women get satisfaction from, and have the right to do so. It’s your own sexual desire, and you should feel empowered to explore it in whichever environment you want. Many women these days are highly stressed, overworked and need a little private release in their lives. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

3. Will I feel comfortable? It's my first time..

Should your own inner sexual desire be curiously looking into female erotic massage, then it’s safe to say there is definitely some subconscious interest there. Rarely do we end up disliking the things we crave. If you like the idea of it, you will probably love the real physical and sensually enchanting touch of another woman.

Of course, if you begin a lesbian massage session that you are not completely comfortable to continue with, it's at your discretion to stop at any point. So the option is there if you need it.

Next step?

Simply fill out the online booking form on our website. Under 'Session Length' you will see the option to select either a 1.5hr or 2hr session for Women. Note as well that until February 2021, we do offer outcalls to your private residence if you are not staying at a hotel or holiday property. Provided your session is booked and paid for in advance please.

NOTE - At NO TIME may there be another person/3rd party present at your residence or in your hotel room when our goddess arrives - she will simply cancel the booking and leave.

It will be fun! See you soon xx


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