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Cape Town Sensual Massage - Sensual Goddess or Escort?

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

The difference between booking an outcall session with a sensual massage goddess and an escort.

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massage goddess or escort?

Here are the 4 main differences that make a sensual massage session more appealing than an escort:

A Unique Physical & Mental Journey

Many clients that book an escort outcall often feel somewhat disappointed. Even though the ultimate outcome of the session is to have a ‘release’ , it is far more physical than mental satisfaction. We can't speak for all clients that have had sessions with escorts - but most will agree that many times when a mechanical meeting with an escort has taken place, you are left with more of an almost 'unhappy ending'.

Sensual massage sessions balance both mental and physical aspects of sensuality. At the end of the day, our mental side creates our arousal and sexual satisfaction, so don't disregard it with a purely physical experience. Prioritize satisfying your desires in both mind and body? Sensual massage is the journey that will take you to an awakening by combining your sensual satisfaction in both these areas.

Feel The Sensations

Our sensual massages bring together some amazing massage elements that you will find mind-blowing. The levels of sensation created by things like our body-to-body slides and lingam massages are truly heavenly. Escorts will mostly skip straight past anything like this, focusing primarily on the robot-like sex of the encounter. Clients are often left feeling pretty disappointed afterwards, which is not really the sensation they were looking for.

Sensual massage rejuvenates the body and soul by allowing sensual energy to be circulated and summoned into the ultimate happy-ending that will release both the stress of your body and your mind. A sensual massage goddess will make you feel pampered, nurtured and worship your body in ways that will make you feel your sensuality again, not make you feel unhappy (or even guilty) about yourself as many escorts do.

The Right Attitude & Connection

Sadly, almost all escorts do not have a great reputation for their attitude and quality of service - it's normally 'all about the money only' - not dissimilar to the attitude of strippers. Clients often recount their experience with an escort that they feel like the escort is 'doing them some kind of favour' just by providing a session. Many of them also feel that escorts treat their clients with disrespect. With sensual massage, there cannot be true sensuality without a positive connection and feeling between both the goddess and the client.

This means that sensual massage sessions are always full of good positive energy, far removed from the often bad vibes experienced with escorts. The attitude of your goddess/provider is pivotal to a great sensual journey. This alone is a compelling reason to rather have a sensual massage over escorting and the reason why most who try sensual massage, rarely return to awkward escort encounters.

The Ambiance & Environment

A sensual massage session is more akin to visiting a spa and receiving a massage from a professional massage therapist, coupled with the sensuality that is truly overwhelming - that part you always wish was included in a spa massage ;). Imagine a perfectly lit room, the hint of scented oils and the sound of relaxing music in the background. Sensual massage sessions aim to inspire and 'turn on' all of your sensations using light, sound, smell and touch to awaken you to the perfect journey.

Escorts generally pay little to no attention to their environment - instead focusing on getting the 'service' over and done with and be on their way again. Offering clients badly dressed rooms, with dirty linens in old dingy apartments. You can probably now get a better picture of why people prefer to spend time with our wonderful goddesses in the comfort, safety, privacy of their own hotel room - with the ambiance created by your goddess - rather than a murky room that many escorts (or escort venues) offer.

In Conclusion

For new clients searching for a better experience after awkward escort encounters, you are about to have the experience of your life with a sensual massage. Rather try being nurtured and pampered for a change and forget the bad memories of robot-like escort bookings while you are taken on an elevating journey of bliss of a House of Tantra Cape Town sensual massage.

If you really are looking for an amazing Cape Town sensual massage experience that will make you feel amazing and keep you forever dreaming, have a look at the gorgeous goddesses on our team that we specially selected just for you..

Book a session with a sensual massage goddess instead of an escort with us today!

See you soon!


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