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5 GREAT reasons to get a sinsational couples sensual massage!

House of Tantra sensual massage is the No.1 service in Cape Town, Umhlanga & Sandton for an amazing couples sensual massage - to reignite the fire and return some novelty and excitement to your love life with your partner..

Couples Sensual Massage Cape Town
Couples Sensual Massage - House of Tantra Cape Town Sensual Massage

Why get a couples sensual massage?

1. Engage In Something Adventurous & New

When last did you try something new in the bedroom with your partner? The reality is that the longer couples are together sometimes the harder it gets to be sexually adventurous, worrying that the need for this might lead to embarrassment. It’s not about sharing your partner with your goddess, it’s about trying something new together.

2. Relight That Missing Sexual Spark You Used To Share

New couples tend to have a burst of sensual freedom and letting their guard down sexually at first. Why should you lose that wonderful part of your love life over time? A couples massage can offer both partners something to feel excited about and reignite the passions that once were the reasons for your attraction.

3. Discover Exciting Ways To Pleasure Each Other

A couples massage is a great way to re-explore your significant other and learn exciting new ways to arouse and satisfy each other. A couples body to body massage session is an erotic learning experience where Tantric techniques can be performed on each partner while the other watches and learns. You can then take this new knowledge home with you and explore further with your partner in your own private time.

4. Explore Your Sexuality in Safety

A Couples erotic massage is a much better option for both partners, far better than swingers clubs or having a session with an escort. Not only are the boundaries of what you are both comfortable with not overstepped, the experience is both a spiritual and erotic one rather than one that leaves lingering feelings of infidelity.

5. Eliminate The Need To Be Unfaithful

By experiencing the pleasures of a couples massage together you can stop the need to look elsewhere for both yourself and your partner. If sexual needs are neglected that is when the possibility of your partner seeking satisfaction elsewhere can happen. Why not avoid that possibility and indulge yourselves in a couples sensual massage together before you both 'rendezvous' with others elsewhere...

Removing the silly myths of a Couples Massage

The myth: It’s uncomfortable to receive an erotic massage whilst your partner is present.

The reality: Once you have freed your mind and body you will feel a new enlightenment between you both and that has no shame or awkwardness.

The myth: Sensual massage is really only about the sex and is no different to visiting a prostitute.

The reality: The true essence of the experience that sensual massage brings is to create a flow of sensual energy between you both, and is not a mechanical or dirty sex session.

The myth: I might feel somewhat jealous when the goddess is touching my partner.

The reality: Keep in mind that your goddess is a 'guide' that is there to guide you both into a sensual connection. Her focus is on establishing a balance of novelty, adventure and energy between you and your significant other.

Have a mind-boggling couples sensual massage today - you won't regret it!

See you guys soon!


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