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4-Hand Massage Bliss this June..

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

More intensity, more fun and more delight!

sensual massage cape town
4-hand massage bliss!

Let's fire up this June with double the pleasure and double the fun - book a sinsational 4-hand massage session in Cape Town with Selene & Lea and get up to R200 off your session!

1.5 hour 4-hand session for Men - only R3000

2 hour 4-hand session for Men - only R3800

1.5 hour 4-hand session for Couples - only R4000

Our 4-hand sensual massage in Cape Town is a truly unique experience when you feel how two gorgeous goddesses take your body on a journey with their silk caresses in perfect synchrony. This will make this 4-hand massage an unforgettable experience.

The 4-hand massage is for those who seek extreme pleasure, as our two goddesses will give you waves of pleasure until they reach a cascade of ecstasy, enjoying the passage of one of the most erotic fantasies come true.

Available as a single session for men and for couples.

Book online on our website today!

See you soon!



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